Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Productive day...sort of

Luke has been sick the last few days and Milka has managed to take complete advantage of the extra blankets that have taken over the couch.  Even though I have wanted to join them...

*I managed to do LOTS of laundry and actually put it away when it was done

*Send a few Christmas gifts to friends in the States that had been on the floor in my bedroom since...well, before Christmas

*Take some clothes to the dry cleaners that I wore this summer (that were also in a bag on my bedroom floor) so sad I know...

*I vacuumed the dust that accumulated around the boxes and bags that were promptly taken care of today

*And finished off the rest of the chocolate chip cookies that we had in honor of the inaguration
last night...

not too bad, since all I really wanted to do was snuggle in the covers with Milka!


domandkat said...

Sounds like you're turning into a regular hausfrau!

Hope Luke is feeling better soon!


Lyn said...

Oh, you're such a good mommy! Did you make another batch to fill the empty cookie jar? If you make some oatmeal raisin, I'll be right there!