Monday, January 19, 2009

A weekend to remember...

The fun from this weekend really wore us evidenced by Milka pooch-or "Milka poochey" as Liesl lovingly calls her!

Here is the run down of what we were up to...
Levi officially turned 5 and we had BLAST at his party on Friday night

Then on Saturday we were off to the Ball with our neighbors, Gritt and Alfred. Remember our experience last year? Well, even though we took dancing lessons, our ability to keep up with Austrians on the dance floor still proved to be a challenge. It still was an amazing evening and so much fun! And now Monday is here, and Luke has a big interview at a bi-lingual school (for next year) this morning...I'm sure all he'll have to do is flash his winning smile and he'll get in right? Well, more on this experience a little later...Have a good week my friends!

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