Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Create a caption...


For most of you who made comments- you understand that this photo was taken at a pretty stressful time in our lives. 

 I was stuck in bed, pregnant with Levi and in a state of constant nausea, unable to care for my family. I was fully dependent on Brad, our extended family and friends!  They cared for my kiddos, made meals and provided encouragement when I was really struggling.

And while this picture is really cute of my Abby girl, it is also a sweet reminder of how God provided for me in a real time of need.  

Ok- back to the contest...

I loved  ALL of the comments,

but I think that Tangie best captures what our spicy, little Abby was thinking, 

"I will keep him and he will love me!"

So congrats Tangie!  A Milka bar is on it's way to California!!!


This photo of Abby brings back a lot of memories.

Before I share those however, how bout we have a little contest. MckMama does this kind of thing all of the time...

Create a caption, name the photo, whatever you want to call it...just put your two cents in.

And because my love languages are gifts and food, I will send the winner a Milka chocolate bar!

Happy Naming!

P.S. I know the quality of the photo isn't that great...I had to take a picture of a photo copy:(


Mary Porter said...

"Look Mommy! See what I found!"

Oh my! It seems like it was just yesterday when this happened! This was one of those days when I was getting the kids out of the house during Stacey's pregnancy with Levi. I took Abby (2 1/2 yrs old)to the park to feed bread to the ducks. She saw the mother duck waddling to the pond with her 8 ducklings following. Abby walked right over to the ducklings and proceeded to pick the little yellow baby duck up by it's head! (The other ducklings had black mixed with the yellow on their down.) I captured the moment and yelled, "Abby! Put that duck down, NOW!"

Thanks for putting a smile on my face & laughing out loud!
Love, MeMoo :)

Dede Hunter said...

"Hey Mom, Happy Mother's Day"

Amy Ross said...

"Wie sagt man POOR LITTLE DUCKY auf Deutsch?"

I remember that story!! And Memoo taking the kids in the van to watch the DVD player for a while so you could rest or puke alone at least! I also remember Kim and I taking Abby to the beach and then McDonald's one morning. Abby spent the whole time cleaning the table and chairs with baby wipes.

What happened to that little toddler????

tang91 said...

"I will keep him and he will love me!"

This is too cute!! How wonderful that you have this memory on film!! :-)

I love your pictures, Stacey! Thank you for sharing your lives with us :-).

Shannon said...

You know I should win this, since I look at that picture EVERY DAY on my fridge, haha! I think I'll go with:


Only because EVERYONE who sees it asks me if it's a frog.

Miss you guys!

Brad & Stacey said...

"Sweet and Sour Duck anyone?"
-submitted by Stacey's creative husband, Brad
(Unfortunately the small print reads that no relative living in Austria is permitted to submit an entry into this contest.)

Kim said...

Wook Memoo! It's squishy! :)Kim