Friday, May 01, 2009

Prater Fun for some of us...

Today is a holiday in Vienna. This means no school and lots of fun things to do at the Prater.
We often hang out at this park and enjoy the very large areas of green space.

Unfortunately, Levi and I are still in our pj's struggling with some virus, while the rest of our family and a few of our friends are probably enjoying a stroll near the famous ferris wheel,
or are taking a bike ride on one of the many paths throughout the park,

or are daring to slide on the zip slide, located above a percariously perched wire

or are getting dizzy on a tire swing...

I can only imagine they are having more fun than Levi and we wipe our noses, take our Motrin and snuggle on the couch

p.s. these photos were taken last year at one of our many trips to the Prater and HERE is our time at "May Day" one year ago

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Shannon said...

I hope you both feel better. Coleman is sick, too - not really bad but I didn't want to take him out and be subjected to swine flu hysteria... anyway, we're all on the couch today and it seems to help to have some down time sometimes. Hope no one else gets it!