Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Family Worship

The last few weeks during family worship we have been studying the Ten Commandments. Brad has done a great job teaching them a few tricks to help remember all 10 and they have done a great job of memorizing them. Last night we started a book called "10 Commandments Family Nights Tool Chest". It is put out by Heritage Builders. It does a great job on explaining the importance of the Commandments in a kid friendly way, and then unpacks each of the Commandments. It gives warm-up exercises, activities and even helpful hints for adjusting activities so they can be age appropriate for your kids.

Along with that, I have started reading "The Family Compass", with is authored by Kurt and Olivia Bruner .(the same authors of the Family Night Tool Chest series) This is what the back cover says about the book:

The Family Compass can help Christian parents develop an easy to understand "theology of parenting" and a user-friendly plan for giving their children a spiritual compass. Filled with practical ideas for passing the faith to kids of all ages, this book is designed to help you put into practice the biblical instruction to talk about God as you "sit at home...walk along the road...lie down and get up..."

I think both of these tools can be helpful in being intentional about teaching our kids biblical truths. Let me know if any of you parents out there have any more resources that you have found helpful!


Laura said...

Thank you for telling us about these books! Off to my grandmother's for a few days and they have a great Christian book store in Wilmington! Glad I read your blog before my trip!

SomeOne said...

I meant to comment on this one, but we have been fighting bad colds all week and I haven't had the chance.

Our current book is Character Building for Families vol. 1. It is scripted and very user-friendly. We are working through the "Obedience" section now, which has us memorizing verses, seeing how Jesus and others obeyed, seeing the blessings of obedience, and praying for our own obedience to God and parents. The next topic is diligence.

Another I have and use mostly as a reference is "For Instruction in Righteousness." It lists sins and actions (such as "vanity" and "borrowing money" and "bad friendships" and under each is useful verses, passages, and stories in the Bible dealing with the topic. Very useful for gentle confrontations of children.

Sorry for the novella. :)

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