Monday, October 15, 2007

Jakob comes for a visit

Every night during dinner we ask what everyone's High and Low was for the day. High being the best thing and low obviously the worst. Tonight Abby's high was Jakob, the bear. This bear belongs to her teacher at school and every student gets a chance to bring him home and spend some "quality" time with him. Then the student gets to document their time together in a special notebook (in German none the less).
We of course celebrate everything with ice Jakob got to indulge as well.


Joe and Amy said...

I bet Jakob had a great stay! How did you guys do writing up the details of his trip in German!? I'm glad your migrane is gone. We will pray for your potential teammates and their visit.

Kim said...

That's so cool! I used to do the same thing with my students-it's neat to think that teachers in another country do the same. I bet she had so much fun with Jakob! love ,kim

KLeBlanc said...

It is so exciting to see how Austria is becoming a home for you and your family. Your blog continues to be a great inspiration! Love, Liz