Monday, October 08, 2007

Fellowship, food and fun

This past weekend our family hopped in a train and traveled over 7 hours to the far western edge of Austria to participate in the annual conference of the Evangelical Reformed Church in Austria (and Switzerland). The setting was beautiful-- an old, wooden cabin situated in the mountains. It was good to receive solid teaching from the Word from Reinhard (Tammy's Dad) and another pastor, Thomas, and to hang out with believers from all over.

Brad and Reinhard

The weekend couldn't go by without a few good games of monopoly...and a super fun scavenger hunt complete with fireworks!

Maria and Bernadette making lunch

Tammy and Abby

After the conference was over we had some time to kill before our night train left, so we hung out at Berni and Reinhard's house. While we were there, we also had to chance to catch up with their neighbors...Elke and Alexander. Some of you might remember that they lived in Florida a few years ago, and we got to know them then. The kids had fun playing with Jacob and Rebecca.

The kids had never taken a night train before, so it was pretty exciting for them to have a big slumber party with Mom and Dad. There were 4 beds, the 5 of us, 4 backpacks and 3 suitcases all crammed into the tiny cabin. The kids slept very well, while Brad and I didn't fare so well! Here is Levi saying good morning to Vienna, as we arrived back tired, but grateful to be back home.


Laura said...

Love hearing all your adventures!!!

domandkat said...

Did you actually get everyone to school on time? and then did you crash in bed or did Brad have class? Ouch!

Amy Ross said...

So good to hear your voice today. Praying for you my dear, dear friend. I love you!!