Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Common Loon...

Our Lukey sometimes has a hard time falling asleep at night...

I think he has trouble shutting his mind down. Recently we have told him that he can read for awhile until he gets tired. He has been taking it a step further though, and has been doing "reports" for us (even though we haven't asked for them)!

So here is last night's...

The Common Loon is an incredible bird.  Did you know it can dive 150 feet?  His favorite food is fish.  He can dive up to a minute.

Size: 37 inches

The Common Loon lives in North America.

(Here is the best sentence...)

They only breed in non-icy water lakes.

(Who knew...yet I completely understand why!  Ha!)


Lyn said...

Good for you Lukey!
Love, Neena

Anmarie said...

Did you know that the Common Loon is also the state bird of Minesota?