Thursday, May 29, 2008

Meet Alma

Hier ist Alma. Sie ist meine Freundin.

That is about all I can write before it all starts to unravel for me...but anyway,

This is my friend Alma. She has been in my German class with me since I first started. She originally is from Albania, but she and her family have been in Vienna now for almost 2 years. A few nights ago we had Alma and her daughter Ingrid over for dinner..oh and her dog "Jessica" came to! Her husband works for an oil company, so he is out of town a lot.

It was such a blessing to have them over and learn a lot about Albania and what it was like to grow up in the Communist era. She had a lot of interesting stories to share and it was really nice to be out of the "school" environment.

I am hopeful that our friendship will continue to grow outside of the classroom setting...and I think we also may have scored her 16 year old daughter as a babysitter! Ingrid speaks really good English, she loves playing Monopoly and she needs community service hours for school!


domandkat said...


What's the going babysitter rate in Vienna?

Laura said...

New Friends are such a blessing! Love the pic!

Amy Ross said...

Du bist meine freunin auch. I liebe dich!

Ha, after my 5 years of German in high school, that's about all I can muster up. That should encourage you!

Missing you...and knowing that Alma is greatly blessed to have YOU as her friend.

Miss you...

Lyn said...

It'll be great to meet Alma and Ingrid next month.

Lyn said...

Did Amy say "I'm a jelly donut" or was that just JFK? ;o}