Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Favorites-Donauinsel Wasserspielplatz

With the temperatures soaring again today, Levi and I decided to meet Luke and Abby and the rest of the kids from their hort class at the Donauinsel Wasserspielplatz.

It comes complete with a spraying fish
a few imported palm trees
a floating dock attached to a rope, that the kids can make continuous trips on
plenty of places to run and explore and most importantly, freezing cold water!  (and I almost forgot to mention that it is FREE!)

It was a great time of fun in the sun!


Lyn said...

Oh, what beautiful pictures. The one of Luke could be of him when he becomes an adult!

Shannon said...

Looks like fun! Between sickness and how hot it is here, we've been indoors a lot this week.