Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Favorites-Kids Edition

With the EURO2008 just a few weeks away, there is a certain buzz around Vienna. Everyone seems to be getting excited about the fussball matches that are going to be played here...even my kids! That is in part because of a brilliant marketing scheme.

A company called Panini, has put out an official sticker book for the EURO2008 and you can get them for free at McDonalds. The stickers (players, stadiums, teams etc.) are sold at every Tabak (a place where you can buy passes for public transportation, magazines and of course, cigarettes) and McDonalds. The stickers themselves are reasonably inexpensive...but the brilliant scheme of the marketers is that collecting them is ADDICTIVE! Especially since everyone wants to FILL their books up.

The good thing about these albums is that everyone can do it (boys and girls)...and most of the kids at Luke and Abby's school carry around these albums and show off their collections and trade with one another. For our kids, it is also teaching them about geography and is helping them feel like they are a part of the culture that they are now living in.


Kim said...

We just saw a commercial yesterday about the tournament and it had the logo on it. Ethan totally knew what it was and he got all excited! If we got coverage of the games, I wouldn't be able to pry Matt away from the tv. Have a good weekend! love,kim

domandkat said...

Hi Brad,
How it takes me back! Nothing changes really. When I was a wee boy in Scotland, I traded football stars of the day in the late 70's, those world famous Scottish footballers. So I can identify with how addictive it was and how you'd trade your grandmother in order to get the final sticker for your book!