Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Favorites-Best Halloween Costume

As much as I love Halloween... baking treats, decorating the house and hosting Fall parties, I don't enjoy the dressing up part.  So when Kim chose to write about our favorite Halloween was easy...I don't dress up...but my dear husband does!

When we lived in Florida, we would always go to St. Andrews Fall Festival.

A few years ago Brad went as the old, chubby, washed up Elvis.  This picture does not do it justice, as you really can't see the curly chest hair or all of the "rolls"of padding under the costume. Let's just say that it was one memorable costume...and I think it made a few children cry!

And while we really don't dress up here in Austria for Halloween...we still manage to wear our holiday shirts from Target, sent with love from the Glam Grams.   


Lyn said...

ohhhh, therrrre's the little kid!!

Kim said...

I loved that Elvis costume!! :) Kim

Amy Ross said...

OH, I remember being with you when we bought that costume!! We've talked a lot today about all the fun Fall Festivals we had together! Missing you!

Mary Porter said...

Memories! The Fall Festival isn't the same without Elvis! Missing you!
Who's the furry little one?